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Hi, I'm Jess.

I write books and stories about the unreal, the surreal, the weird and whimsical.

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Two new anthologies

I’m a little bit late on posting about these, but I’ve got two anthologies to talk about! Both of which I’ve had a hand in :) The first is the Utopia Science Fiction’s 5th Anniversary Anthology: I helped edit this one, and wrote one of the edi...

End of the year update

I’m writing this from bed, so I don’t have my list of books read handy, but we’re having a New Year’s Eve party tonight and once I get up I’ll be in party-prep mode. I wanted to think a little bit about what I’ve done this year, writing wise, a...

A Site Update And New Story For Subscribers

The site has had quite the update! After tinkering with the old theme for a few years I finally reached the point where it made more sense to wipe everything and start again. So here we have it: same address, but a slightly different structure and...