Five By Five


Five By Five cover

Currently available at Amazon here, as an ebook or paperback!

My writing group, the Incongruous Gongs, has put out our first anthology of stories, all using the same five story elements across different genres and styles. Mine is the ghost story, called “Your Friend, Biggs.” Hope you enjoy it!

A Wellington-gothic tale of mermaids and madness, a drug running underdog clawing his way to the top, a young man and his neighbours’ hot tub, a gonzo girls’ night out and a ghost story where a jewel thief gets more than he bargained for.

What could these five wildly different stories possibly have in common?

In Five by Five Vol. 1, discover five eclectic story elements woven together by five different writers to create an unexpected and refreshing collection of short stories inspired by…

A bird; the feeling of water; a misdelivered package; the chariot tarot card and a guilty pleasure.

Rupert Brackenbury, Gina Hopkirk, Sean Lincoln, Robert Metcalf and Jessica Nickelsen bring a fresh new approach to anthology, combining each of these elements to create a surprising collection of themes, symbols, genres and ideas.