I’m a little bit late on posting about these, but I’ve got two anthologies to talk about! Both of which I’ve had a hand in :)

The first is the Utopia Science Fiction’s 5th Anniversary Anthology:

5th Anniversary Anthology!

I helped edit this one, and wrote one of the editors’ letters, and in doing so I got to re-read all of the stories here (as well as many more, when we were shortlisting pieces), and there are some seriously wonderful science fiction tales in this guy, including “You’re It” by Gabrielle Bleu, “A to B Connection” by Alex Singer, “The Stick Dancer” by Mahmud El Sayed, and “Two Robots at the End of the World,” by Timothy Hickson.

If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy here (for International orders) or here (if you’re based in the States).

The other anthology is one my writing group has put together, called Five By Five:

Five By Five

There’s more information on the project page but we had a lot of fun putting this one together, starting from a group writing exercise where we each had to bring together five different elements into one story. It’s not surprising that we all wound up with five really different stories, but I really like how the different elements still leaves the sense of a thread running between each one.

My story, “Your Friend, Biggs,” is about a jewel thief who is on home detention, but who basically can’t help himself when it comes to the old house up the street. Supernatural hijinx ensue!

In any case, we have also just recently got ourselves organised with a paperback format for this as well, so if this one sounds interesting please check it out!