Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a writer who lives in Wellington, New Zealand.


Some things about me:

  • I was born in the States, but since then I’ve lived all over the place: New Zealand, Italy & Ireland, with extended stays in the Netherlands
  • most of my working life has been in IT; I’ve worked in HR, as a developer, asset manager, report-writer, localisation engineer & software tester
  • as well as working in tech, I’ve been a film runner, dish washer, performed silver service at a luxury lodge, and been a tour guide operator at a prawn farm (among other things)!
  • I also reviewed video games for ten years for the now-defunct (yet still dear to my heart) NZGamer.com
  • I’m slowly migrating my life to Linux!
  • My favourite Studio Ghibli movie is Whisper of the Heart
  • I like to write in silence, but otherwise I’m usually listening to something like this playlist